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Are you Ready??? October 31, 2012

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Are you Ready?

Have you asked yourself – Am I Ready?

I had a different post that I was working on for my regularly scheduled blog.  However, with the devastating affect of Hurricane Sandy, I want to steer in another direction.  There are 2 take aways that I want people to do in response to this blog:  1. Help and I will give ways to do so below 2. Get prepared!  I know that God blessed us here in Illionois at this time to not experience what just transpired across 15 states from the impact of hurricane Sandy. Yet in my heart of hearts, I can’t forget those that have been.  Even I tuning in the days prior did not realize the impact of the upcoming storm.  I sent a text to my brother who lives in Jersey and communicated with friends who lived out that way.  I want our response to be mighty.  I am personally working with my Sorority Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Eta Tau Sigma Alumnae Chapter and Circle of Friends of Bolingbrook, and my Church Jubilee Baptist Church, Bolingbrook, IL as we strive to give 100 cae packages to the homeless on November 10, 2012 through COF’s Debra’s Way – Taking It To The Streets Program.   Now, Sandy has come to town in a mighty way, and our support of those families need also be mighty.

Help Someone affected by the disaster

Response #1:  Help
  • Give blood
  • Donate Funds (Text the word REDCROSS to 90999, click send and a $10 donation will be confirmed)
Food and resources:  www.feedingamerica.org
We can help out in your local community through activities such as sorting, boxing and repackaging donated food to be directed where it’s needed most. Visit the website and find your local food bank to help.
Be Prepared

Be Prepared for a Disaster

Response #2: Get Prepared

Last part is Emergency Response Training for your family.  As I watch, I notice that so many of these families just didn’t know how to respond quickly to these issues.  It made me think of my own family and what would we do if a major crisis hit Chicago area.  My Mom used to say, “by the grace of God, there go I”.  When always humbled her to think Lord it could have been me.

Here is a quick checklist, this is not everything, but it is a start:  Tips to Prepare for a Disaster

Get Ready!!

Are you ready – No man knows the day or the hour!

Matthew 24:44 New International Version (NIV) 44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

Leave your comment:  How have you prepared?  Have you thought about ways you can help?

Is it time for An Ah-HA Moment in your Financial Life? October 22, 2012

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Is it time for    in your Financial Life?

Are you where you desire to be financially today?  Many people get to a certain age and realize that they may not have the career or comfort that would have hoped.  The cycle of life keeps going and you may discover you are living from paycheck to paycheck.  Four years ago over 800,000 people were their job per month and it was hard for them to make ends meet.  What do you do when life hits you the hardest?  What I have found to be the best reaction to a situation is have a personal Ah-Ha Moment!

Your Ah-Ha Moment is the very thing that keeps you from denial of your problem.  It is when you discover that there is a problem and you need to deliver a solution.  The one that hits people the hardest many times is their finances.

So Ask yourself:


Assessing the Damage

How much do you spend:  For 30 day record your spending.  Click here to use form:  Recording Your Income and Spending

Take some Action

You have to take some action.  Create a plan:

Click here to use form: Personal Commitment – Goal Setting AG

Create a budget and manage your debt


Consumer Debt Manager AG

The above is just a start but at least you can have an Ah-Ha Moment and start progressing to creating a new financial future.  For more information and to check on information about personal finances, visit http://money.msn.com/personal-finance/.  There are so many useful tools that you can discover.

Once you have completed the forms, comment about any Ah-Ha Moments you have had?  Do you feel you need to have an Ah-Ha Moment in your life.  When I got divorced 5 years ago it was important for me to know exactly where I was financially and then make daily choices to keep my family on target.  These forms helped me to stay on track.

The Joys of Self Discovery October 8, 2012

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Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

Who Are You? – The Joys of Self Discovery!

Self Discovery is “the act or process of achieving understanding or knowledge of oneself.”  In order to get to a point of being inspired it is crutial that we know ourselves.  Who are You?  What do you like to do?  What kind of people do you like to be in your personal space.  Finding out who we are can help us to understand why a lot of our friends have so much in common.  It can lead us to understand why we choose to have a lot of facts in a situation.  It can even tell us why we always seem to be in a leadership position.

Sixteen years ago I was introduced to a concept called D.I.S.C.  It was a quick personality test that I took that gave me an inward look.  What I loved about the test was that it gave me a true picture of why I interact with people the way I do.  I know it will be just as helpful to help you find the joy of self discovery.

First, you can take the DISC Personality Test:

Click this file: DISC_Test  Then use the 2nd page as an example of how to add up your scores.

For an easier version, Click this file:  DISC Personality Test

Second, to evaluate the results and learn more about what your results mean.

Click this file:  DISC Breakdown and for another analysis Click this file:  DISCChart

After you have had the opportunity to discover a little more about yourself, share your thoughts.  My personality trait is D=Dominant and I=Influencing.  I took this test 16 years ago and I learned a lot about myself.


My D-personality is first:  I scored 14.  I noticed that whenever I am in groups, at work, with friends, I tend to take on leadership roles.  It answers why I am an entrepreneur and love working for myself.  I saw that even when working in companies, I climbed the ladder quickly.  This always came natural to me.  I make decisions quickly even though I spend a great amount of time thinking about them.

My I-personality is second.  I scored 12.  I am a natural born people person.  I love recognition and to socialize with family and friends.  I would love to know what your personality trait is as well.  I have an influencing personality which works well that I am a professional speaker and trainer.  I tend to work well in groups and also by myself.

My S/C personality.  I scored 0 in the S column and only 2 in C column.  These only show up when I am in need of this part of me.  For example, unless I am with my kids, my S doesn’t really exist.  My C only comes out when I am in front of my computer.  I am not very analytical and don’t need a lot of details.  As a matter of fact, too many details will actually bore me.

What I learned after taking this test is that we all have each of the personality and in different situations we draw from them.  Do you think tests like these are necessary?  Share your thoughts. I believe so because it teaches us a lot about the people we are around and why we deal with them the way we do.  After you have taking the test, do you see yourself in the results?  Were there any ah-ha moments for you?  Do the people who have dominant other personalities tend to get on your nerves?  Can you see why?  This week in your Be Inspired Journal, write down what you are learning about other people and how you interact with at least 1 person each day.

Self Discovery can definitely help you Stay Inspired!

What Inspires You? September 30, 2012

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What Inspires You?

In life, we should be inspired to do something everyday. Afterall, having a purpose for your life helps you to keep focused in the right direction. Today I was inspired to sing songs with my children. Having a college student, 5th grader, and myself sing songs helped us to bridge the gap of our ages. The last song we sang was simple, “Jesus loves the little children.” We were in a very uplifting mood coming from Church. So, we wanted to continue that inspiration.  Today, in a nutshell I was isnpired to sing.  That song led to me being able to bond with my children.  Only great things came come from inspiring moments.

Are you inspired to read?

Are you inspired to get an education?

Are you inspired to ask someone out?

Do you children inspire you?

Are you inspired to write the next best novel?

Does a great friend inspire you?

Does hot chocolate inspire you?

Today, my inspiration came from singing with my kids in the car. From that burst of inspiration, I had a beautiful day.

This week’s 1.2.3…take away….

Post your comment about “What Inspires You”.

Start your personal book of inspiration.  Each day you can add what inspired you that day. If you can, take a photo or draw a picture and add it to your inspiration book.  Our inspiration doesn’t always have to come from something huge!  A lot of times we see that it is those simple things like singing a song in the car with your children that got you through your day.




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